Monday, January 25, 2010

We’re not in Kansas anymore…are we now?

Back in the days, the kiddiez had a very cool photo shooting. It was among the first - and it happened in early 2007, with Marius and the BURPmarks. I posted these photos in here to thank Marius, because I just stumbled upon them in my email - they got forgotten for a while :P

We totally had so much fun that week-end, taking lots of pics, wandering the streets & laughing a lot. And although we think we'll nevergrowup, the truth is that those days felt younger somehow :)

Here are the kiddiez on their first trip to Carturesti. I think we made about 20 BURPmarks (or so) - and we had the impression that there were so many of them :)) Since then, hundreds of other BURP kiddiez have appeared in our lives - and yours :D