Tuesday, August 14, 2007

BURP bookmarks in Carturesti bookstores!!!!

Sea Horse & Camel

Pig Dog with Tape Worm

Blue-Hearted Bookworm Bear

Buttoned Whale

Spotted Duck

Sad Tree Half

What better place for a bookmark than a bookstore? What better place for the BURP cool bookmarks than the coolest bookstore around? Exactly!

All the bookmarks above - and many more - are now in Carturesti on Str. Arthur Verona nr. 13 and Str. Edgar Quinet nr. 9 (for now, just in Bucharest, but soon in the other cities as well).

The designs are unique - there's only one of each! If there's one you really like a lot, but can't find in stores anymore, we'll try to replicate it :)

You can be a trendsetter and sport the coolest bookmark around - who doesn't want to be smart, cool AND fashion-oriented? :)

P.S.: over the next weeks, there will be many more new bookmarks to quench your thirst for trendy reading :)


Iulian said...

gsus, book-candies! the pig-dog has just winked at me (the inner worm confirmed) so i already know my next purchase (hope noone grabbed him till now or i will be forced to use the Clown Mouse tail for the purpose, when he's not busy with the shows, that is). burpmarks, because books should burp too, yeah ;))

Iulian said...

burpmarks are not there yet :(

bulina said...

oh....I guess Pig Dog was sold:( I'm telling you, they are there, just turn left when you enter Carturesti on Verona and you'll see them:)
But don't worry, these days we'll be out chasing burpmarks again - you know, we have to catch them by hand, they fly in large groups in several magic locations, and you can choose only 3 of them in a chase. Maybe we'll find another Pig Dog, who knows? :)

Iulian said...

fine :( i asked a guy who's working there about burpmarks and he looked at me as if i was talking about magic mushrooms. certainly, he didn't know about the wonders. my single hope is that are more pig dogs flyings flocks out there in the air and your hands will hold the fishing net with strong hands and keen eyes. *note to self: must be faster next time, citius, altius, etc.*

bulina said...

yes, yes, we are just as dissapointed as you are :( the guys there really really don't know about the BURPmarks (btw, thanks for pointing it out, we didn't think about them as burpmarks - it's genius:) and you're holding the copyright:)). it's happened before, other friends told us they went there and couldn't find them. we'll try to work some magic and get them better exposure :P
and get you a Pig Dog :)

Iulian said...

supercalifragilistic expigdogcious!