Sunday, January 31, 2010

this post will self-destruct in...3,2,1.

This is some kind of a good-bye post, as BURP is pretty much closing this blog for now. We'll be thinking about the future and if we come up with a good idea, we'll let you know :)

Thanks for being around and we'll probably meet again. :*

Meanwhile, the BURP kiddiez can still be found here and here.


Saturday, January 30, 2010

break the pattern.

- Write a letter to your friends.

Yes, we know you can use email or call when you need to talk to them, but forget about that for a second. Write a "real" letter, telling them how great they are, how happy you feel to be their friend and anything else you want to share.

Yep, use real paper - it's hard to find some around the house, we know :) But go buy some cute colorful envelopes and lovely paper. You'll see, that'll inspire you :) Feel free to add funny stickers, drawings of your own or kissing marks. Like you did when you were a kid :)

- Close that device!

We're not going to call it by its name, but you know it: that thingie that keeps you connected any time and any place, the one that has no manners and buzzes at night to let you know "something important" has happened or a meeting has been scheduled.

We know it's impossible to throw it away :) But at least completely close it for a full day (yep, that's 24 hrs :P) and see what happens. If you have a back drawer that's hard to reach, even better - drop it in there. You'll feel free-er, your friends will stop hating you for interrupting every conversation every 2 seconds and maybe you'll even realize that nothing is really that "urgent".

- "Steal" somebody from work.

Yeah, be a little Robin Hood for the working class. Go to a friend's working place, create a diversion and "steal" your pal. Then, while they're still wondering what happened, enjoy your day as you used to when you weren't so "responsible" and "grown up". If it's OK, let us know :)

-Direct your own "movie"

You know, sometimes you get so caught into the usualness of day-to-day being that you forget you're playing the lead character. Why would you wanna be that double always waiting for a role, but never getting it? Is it OK to stay on the side and watch the movie?

Being the first name on the screen means everything depends on you. So when you acknowledge that, you are back in the game! And as great actors always say, mistakes happen.
That's why you should never give up on giving the best performance ever, even if at first you fail. Even if it takes hours or days or weeks or months, you will succeed. And get your applause.

- Challenge everything.

Not for the sake of doing it, of course :) But when you feel like something's wrong and you know better. Just speak up. Challenge the status quo.

You know, you are the one that can take things further and make them better. When you're not OK with a situation, a relationship or a thought, you SHOULD try and change that. Don't think that accepting what you're told, given or advised is the way to feel happy. If you need more, if you can't take less than everything, just go for it.

You're too cool to be told what to do.


can't sleep because i'm dreaming.

Has it ever happened to you?

Last night I tried to put the kiddiez to bed at about 3 a.m. and then I went to sleep myself. Of course I was hoping to actually sleep. But hey...I should probably understand that planning is so over-rated :))

So after being this dreamless being for the last few years, my mind probably thought to make up for that and gave me all the dreaming I could wish for - and more :))))

But I don't mind, that's perfectly OK - I even got a few ideas for BURPies to come. As I was saying, I really dunno what triggered all that, but I'm inclined to blame the Veteran Dog above. Apart from his innocent looks, he's got some magical powers and we suspect he can read minds. You might wanna stay away, unless you want him to mess with your mind, too :)

So there you go. This is for all of you mind readers out there.

Friday, January 29, 2010

If I wanted us to be friends, I would’ve said so.

We would have been so happy to "unexpectedly" meet in the morning light.

And spend all day chatting about everything, no matter how stupid it would have all seemed afterwards.

We would have taken long rides on the bike and would have stopped just to kiss.

And we would have thought of getting a pet.

But I like shoes, you know...My house is full of them.
There's no place for you, sorry...

Thursday, January 28, 2010

completely agree.

Here's Mona with a very cool Russian fur hat and the Preppy Schoolgirl brooch by yours truly :P

We won't start talking about our friends now, because you all know how much we love you and how happy you make us when you wear BURP kiddiez.

In fact, before having BURP in our lives, we had no idea what a wonderful feeling that is: how truly ecstatic it can feel to see someone wear and appreciate something you create.

And we're so patting ourselves on the back for doing it and finding out :))

I know it sounds really corny - some time ago I also used to laugh at this "saying" - but the truth is: work is hard enough, babies, that's why you should at least do something you love.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

live privacy on TV.

The Pioneer Rabbit comes from another era. Back then, the rabbits were happy if they got to watch TV for an hour or two each day.

But that was a looooooong time ago. Things have changed so much, now that he got his digital TV installed.

He cannot keep himself from watching every show - he just loves how people put their lives on display, eating, pissing and fu*king in front of the camera.

Maybe that's why his eyes got so big lately. He just can't stop staring.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Ça alors! C’est toujours hiver…
J’ai vraiment besoin d’un peu de soleil.