Monday, January 25, 2010

Let’s get serious.

The Philosopher Dog started this discussion that we couldn’t get into without involving you, too :)

So here it is: we’re gonna have a lil’ debate, if anyone is up for this.

Today’s subject is lying. Lying to ourselves, lying to others. And why sometimes lying feels so bad that you can’t let a second pass by without torturing yourself for doing it – and why other times it feels like a “necessary thing to do” and you’re OK with it. Better yet, it feels almost heroic and makes you bring your chest out and imagine that Superman would wanna take a picture with you for this :P

Have you ever experienced any of these feelings? Have you ever told an “innocent” lie and thought your deed was noble? Or maybe you’ve felt the sting of a lie that wouldn’t go away – and you saw it in your face every time your brain played a trick on you and made you remember it with the help of a word, a smell or a person’s face?

We’re not discussing the moral issue here. Not saying “lying is bad” or “lying is good”.

Just merely questioning the two distinct and opposite emotions one person gets when telling a less-that-truthful phrase :) How can THE SAME thing give THE SAME person two completely different feelings?