Tuesday, January 26, 2010

oh, we did not forget.

We just got really busy...But now we are back to tell you that the winner of this contest is The Dreamer :)

Her Mina Ballerina tee is waiting in here to get an email with an address for shipping :) And then she'll be on her way to the dreamland!!


avara maiju said...

Hi there, how's it going? Looking as cute as ever! :) Hey btw, what ever happened to your plans on exporting to Berlin? :) How about the little accessory you were talkin about sending me..? :) I'd still really love to have it, if the offer is still on. :D

BURP said...

@avara maiju: haha, didn't forget about this, either!! :)

just sent you an email with the details :) btw, loved your latest blog review on Bread&Butter. Kissez.