Wednesday, July 22, 2009

sometimes you fall in love with a t-shirt.

Chaotic Mina is my friend. If you don't like that, that's OK. I love her anyways, no need for peer support :)

I'll tell you why, though, maybe you change your opinion and give her some credit.

First of all, Chaotic Mina is always late: for a date, for work, for meeting friends. She always finds something to do at the last minute, whether it's arranging her make-up or brushing her hair. Or changing her outfit...well, you get the picture :)

Secondly, this Chaotic Mina is always in some sort of trouble. She's always complaining about something, she's always really busy and so on.

Plus she never gets anything right, although she's always got the best intentions. Well, OK, so now you probably understand why I love her so much. I feel like she's so hare-brained and messy she really needs someone responsible like me to take care of her :))