Wednesday, July 22, 2009

let's kiss quick, while nobody's looking.

The poor little Reiterated Bear lives the same day every day. It's what she wanted, but doesn't want anymore :) Yeah, well...she should've thought about that BEFORE :)

So the Bear is stuck in time, waking up in the morning, going to school and then meeting the boy she loves. They go in the park, walk, talk and then sit on a bench. They kiss, the Bear feels the bliss. Then, she goes to sleep.

But in the morning, the same thing happens all over again.

It's been like this for a few years now - and the Reiterated Bear would like to get out of it.

It's a beautiful day - nothing to say about that - but nevertheless, could you live the same things over and over again?

Don't you think you could even get sick of perfection after some time?