Tuesday, July 21, 2009

information overload.

Pointy Feet is a very fashionable rabbit girl. So fashionable she puts style before anything else in her life.

She alters her looks, thoughts and opinions with each fashion season - people think that's a hard thing to do, but they also adore and worship her for being so up-to-date :)

Here's an example of how crazy she is, if you don't believe us. From a very young age (she was about 4 y.o.), Pointy learned that heels make a girl look sexy. So she started wearing them - and of course she achieved the look she was going after. Plus she always wore shoes that were at least 2 sizes smaller, 'cause she had this obsession about her feet being too big.

But a few years later, Pointy discovered all her shoes were beautiful, but really mean to her feet. Her little paws became pointy and strange-looking because of all that torture.

But she still feels it's worth wearing heels :)

That's what we call a rabbit with a strong point of view! :P What about you?