Monday, March 30, 2009

if booze helps her...

We've got bad news. Sorry, but that's the truth. If you thought Mina Ballerina was some kind of an angel, dressed in her pink tutu and swirling around, you were wrong. Just like us - and like all the other people who shared these hopes.

She's...the devil in disguise? :) Oh, yeah...pretty close :D

We told you before she wanted to dye her hair - and look what happened to her...she chose RED!!!! She says it's sexy, fiery and hot...We say we should get her checked.

So dear friends, THIS is what happens if you mix booze and hair dye! So don't try this at home...but if they have free champagne @ the beauty parlor, you'd be crazy to say no!!!! :)


La petite Lou'lou said...

Foarte dragut tricoul!!Ce pret are si cum as putea sa intru in posesia lui?;;)

BURP said...

Multumim, LouLou :) Ne bucuram ca iti place! Pentru detalii da-ne un mail, te rog: