Tuesday, March 31, 2009

never miss out on something good…

…because of a dress code

Long time ago, Miss BowTie Rabbit was invited to an uber-classy event with a mandatory “sweet” dress code.

But of course she did not have the appropriate attire at that time – and was sent home. She couldn’t even enter the glam club, it was horrible!!

So she went home and created her sweet pink bowtie – which she never took off since. She wants to be prepared, no matter what. You get the idea :)

Anyho, today she was saved by a very nice girl who promised she’ll keep Miss BowTie Rabbit in a perfect shape forever. She will look great every day – and get invitations to all fancy parties from now on.

See? Problem solved :)


motzilov said...

imi plac ft tare lucrurile pe care le faci,de aceea te.am adaugat la mine pe blog.
adauga.ma si tu te rog,si eu am de asemenea un blog cu chestii handmade:
http://motzilov.blogspot.com/.In acest fel ne vom face mai multa publicitate.
merci mult!

BURP said...

multumim :)

si noua ne place Motzilov :) Link added