Tuesday, March 31, 2009

OK, I admit...

The Silly Fly is about to grow up. She does this each April 1st.

And we cannot accept it in this nevergrowup world! Hasn't anyone told her being a kid is way better than being an adult?

You get to buzz all day, play and - of course - fight with your pals ...and then quickly make up :)

Plus there's the joy of running on the streets without thinking of what people might say, kissing whoever you want to, not feeling sorry and eating as much chocolate as you'd like.

But wait, Silly Fly already does that :) Even if she's growing older calendar-wise. So yeah, maybe we can still keep her @ BURP: she'll be our kidult. :)

And that's OK. Right?



Yes, that is Ok. Happy b-day!

BURP said...

Thank you, Kitten & Andreea! Presence, cadeau & all :)

Biiig Kiss

Andreea Vaduva said...

She's not silly at all, she's just the loveliest girl :*

BURP said...

@Andreea: hihi, if u say so :) thank you once again :*

P.S.: she's still silly, though :)