Thursday, March 26, 2009

it's strange when you think about it...

...but a glass of martini always helps :)

Right about now, Mina Ballerina had the craziest thought: she decided she's always wanted to dye her hair, but hasn't really done anything about it. Until now :)

While looking at herself in a picture, she knew it was time to take some action.

So the big dilemma is: should it be blonde or red? No, black hair is not an option - that's gonna be her color later on, when she'll switch to her "serious, career-oriented & maybe a mom-to-be" type of personality.

Until then, she wants to experiment stuff. And she's independent. And cool.
So that's that! It won't be red, nor will it be yellow. But what about BOTH? :)

Yeah, at the same time...


lollipop said...

imi place ft mult blogul tau,de aceea adaugat la mine in si tu te rog,eu am doua bloguri:
merci mult!