Tuesday, January 20, 2009

there's nothing cuter...

...than a blushing cat

It's common knowledge that felines are not the shy-est animals around, but we've got proof they can be. The Blushing Cat came into our family a few months ago, but obviously it took some time to get her to do this photo shoot (she is camera shy, so in fact we kinda tricked her into posing for us). But see, we wanted to print her story because we think it might get people to admit cats DO have a heart - and a pretty big one, too :)

The Blushing Cat has an artistic soul and there's nothing she wouldn't do: writing, drawing, painting, decorating...you name it. But she was stopped from any "artistic" endeavors as a kid, which was really wrong, 'cause she's really good at it.. So now she really cannot take a compliment, because she doesn't believe that much in herself..
Therefore we thought the best treatment for her self esteem would be...leaving her into a creative workplace, like...an advertising agency! And friends, did it work... We hear she's really building up the trust in herself, which means it was a great idea - which makes us real cat psychology geniuses, right? :) Or sumthin'...