Monday, January 19, 2009

a second chance...

...for a second life :)

We know many of you probably think this "afterlife" thing is just bullsh**, but we've got news for you! This case made us change our minds.
A bunch of kiddiez came to us last night and said they were given a second chance and - together with that, a set of wings, a pure spirit and all that :P
And we gotta tell you, they weren't the loveliest crittures before! In fact, they all had a pretty developed dark side that now seems to have completely disappeared!
We think this "new birth" of theirs might have something to do with the fact they're avid Second Life players. But we don't know fo' sure. I mean, you can't really think a game can change someone that much, can you? Neah, we are probably wrong... :)
Anyway, they are the little Angel Pets. Useful to hang out with if you want nice things to happen.

Army Rabbit

Fat One

Black Jack

These are just their game nicknames, of course. Their true identity should be kept as secret as possible :)



Wow, ce contrast frumos! Is suggested spring the afterlife?

BURP said...

hehe, yep :) Spring is comiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!!!! Isn't it? :)