Friday, January 16, 2009

these are mad, mad...


Even though it's kinda busy lately and we're thinking of new stuff to do, we thought we'd bring out a few more things for you to enjoy 'till we give you the news. So these Sheepy Moods have come out of the closet just for you. Because they were the most appreciated of the sheep-kiddies and many of you fell for these furry crittures, here they are, waiting for companionship :)
So don't forget to e-mail us at if you fancy either of them:

GLAM SHEEP - the star of the group, she needs to adore herself each minute, so she's bought a new fur with mirror-like properties :)

PORN SHEEP - not afraid of any position, this sheep is extroverted and friendly...maybe more than you'd want her to be :) She dreams of being a big porn star and keeps showing her assets to anyone who might help her get there. Good luck!

DISCO SHEEP - she literally "steals the limelight". Her fur started glowing after all these years spent in discos all over the world. But she doesn't mind glowing and all. In fact, she's bringing the 80's back - so stay away :)
PURE SHEEP - despite her family ties with all of the above, this sheep is pure both on the inside and the outside. She's unable to harm anyone, incapable of shouting or swearing and the cleanest critture on earth! And no, she's not utopic, if that's what you're thinking!