Wednesday, January 21, 2009

it gets scarier...

...every time
Well, this is a hell of a funny thing...NOT! Yesterday we went to a store that happens to sell BURP stuff and we were shown a scary thing. A brooch that blatantly resembled one that we made a loooooong time ago. And no, we don't remember making this other one, too :)
It's a pretty crazy situation, 'cause you feel like somebody must really appreciate your work - or otherwise must really have a bit of trouble coming up with something else. Yeah, it's easier to just copy. But it's not necessarily good. If you know what we mean :)
The thing is, it's not the first time something like that happens - and we don't mean to us. But we've heard many others complain about it and, well, a lot of people noticed ideas get stolen a lot in this little world that some might call "crafty".
OK, maybe there's nothing more to invent or maybe everything has already been done. But come on, we can't really believe that, can we? Not in this line of work :) Otherwise, why would we exist anymore?
So, bottom line: coincidence is one thing, but repeated coincidence is hard to believe even to the naive-est of all :)
Some wise guy once said we should be DISTINCT OR EXTINCT. And it's common knowledge that all creative domains have this "it's been already done" thing on their mind when looking at a copy. So if in advertising, movies, books and so on people look for uniqueness and IDEAS, couldn't "fashion designers" and "creators" go in the same direction?
We ask... :)