Wednesday, January 21, 2009

he had no chance... the real world

The Nomad Pigeon decided he would do things his way. He hated winter for as long as he knew. But his family in the big city decided not to migrate, but to stand up to the cold, their peaks running and their feathers trembling. But he couldn't stand that... so he got icicles on his tail one the morning and that was the end of it! The Nomad Pigeon decided to fly away.

"But we don't migrate", his momma said in despair. Only that he wouldn't listen. N. P. got himself a pair of aviator glasses and he was on his way. Only that he didn't really know where to go, 'cause he had missed the flocks of migrating birds, that left in the first days of cold.

So as he stood there thinking about it and crying his heart out, he had the most marvelous idea: a GPS! Well, the wonders of he got Marcel and together they left for the big (warm) world!