Tuesday, January 20, 2009


...a midnight snack?
Well, today (or better yet, tonight :P) we were cleaning our computer and doing the obvious OK-let's-stop-cleaning-up-for-now-and-let's-waste-some-time-laughing-at-old-pics-and-stuff and we bumped into some old photos that we never had time to share with you.
So as we think it's appropriate to skip on the 5 o'clock tea & cookies and maybe turn it into the midnight snack, we'd like to show you the Bisxs. Dipped in cocoa, yummy and all.
But not really good to eat anymore, as they've been created some (lots :)) of months ago, they still look cute. They are probably worn by some funny friend of ours - unless -- of course -- she got hungry day and decided to bite them...