Thursday, January 22, 2009

well, well...

Our friend Andreea was kind enough to give us freehand and her boots. (We are so lucky to have friends like that :P)
So we took this opportunity to play some more, 'cause you know we just cannot resist.
This is what happened (above). Without seeming too full of it, we'd like to say that they look even better in real life :) The pics don't really capture the beauty of the camouflage green wellies with bright pink dots :)
Haha. Lacking modesty, but oh, soooo true. We kid, we kid.
Anyway, Andreea can now expect the best on those springish muddy days :)
Glad we could help.


Eda said...

LOVE the boots!

BURP said...

@Eda: Thank you :)

Angélika said...

So cool!