Thursday, July 31, 2008

come on...

...let's do some good
When we first wrote about the case of Ana Alesia, the little girl that needs EUR 20.000-worth machines in order to live, we hoped that many people would help. And our hopes are still high, and we want to thank everyone that already gave a helping hand.
Please don't forget that all of you artists out there that want to participate can send pictures of the objects you want to give away until the 5th of August to Ada, at

We also gave a few products for the flickr page - they are all listed below. If you like them, you can buy them and do a good deed :)

PURE SHEEP earrings: This is the purest sheep among the BURP kiddiez. She showers 100 times/day in order to keep herself white and shiny and cannot even find 1 nasty word in her vocabulary.
TWO FACED RABBIT Tee: He's really got to sort himself out! This little rabbit goes from being grumpy to being happy in just a second...He's pretty crazy, but you can wear him according to ur mood :)

P.S.: the Tee has two rabbit facebrooches attached

FAIRY earrings: the fairies started their own production line and we kinda "borrowed" these :) Because their were just irresistible.

Harlequin Rabbit BURPmark: You'd better put him in a book and let him stay there, 'cause this little one loves to make silly faces and jump around all day long. But everyone makes fun of him, although he's lookin' for applause!!!

LITTLE SOCIALITE brooch: she totally loves to go out and gossip, but she's also passionate about Japanese designer clothes. Anyway, if you want to meet her, all you have to do is find a fancy cafe and she'll be there - gossip newspapers on her lap - trying to find an article about herself...Talk about an ego!!!!


simplyme said...

ti-am spus vreodata ca esti SUPPER? :)

BURP said...

heehee...nope, that was YOU!! :P