Wednesday, July 23, 2008

just PAUSE for a bit...

...and then press PLAY again

Remember the Queen Bee in the stories you used to read when you were small? Whenever she was in trouble, the hero saved her and then she gave him one of her magic wings - so he could call on her when he needed something. But you can help people in the real world, too.

This is a not-so-funny post, you'll see why. Because a little girl needs help. Our help, your help, everybody's help. This morning, Ada told us about her case. Here's what Ada wrote and here's the blog of the little girl, where here parents are hoping to raise the money to bring their kid back home. They need to buy several machines to keep the girl alive - and since they don't have this money yet, she's kept in the hospital and they can only visit her. But we're trying to change that, together with Ada, who's planning on creating a little online fair with handmade objects that will hopefully raise some money for this sad case.

So if you're in the handmade business and want to help, just make a little something and give it for charity. You can email Ada on Hopefully most of you will want to take part, because it's a good deed you're doing.

P.S.: all donations should be ready by the 5th of August, which gives us enough time to do some stuff. Allez, les amis! :)