Saturday, May 17, 2008

pure grace...

Lately, my friend Dana seems to have developed some kind of a strange obsession. No, it's not food - that would have been OK :) And no, it's not booze either - she's totally sober when she says she loves ballet. And ballerinas. Now, don't even go there. She loves them as in "admires" ballerinas - and, to tell you the truth, she could be one herself.
But anyway, as right now she cannot take ballet classes 'cause she's busy writing some paper for school, she thought she'd quench her ballet thirst with a few clothing items.
The first one is the Falling Ballerina brooch - which is pink, as we agreed she would be - and crazy, which wasn't done on purpose, but hey, we cannot really take care of all the details. So she might jump in your arms without any warning, out of nowhere. But let's say that's her charm :)
Just don't let her fall too much, as she's been seen to hurt her head on several occassions.
Dana and I will also work on a ballerina Tee, but that's next week's assignment, right? :)
Now have yourself a great week-end, as it's sunnnnnnnnny outside!


Daiane said...

I fell in love with this brooch! It's too cute for words!