Sunday, May 18, 2008

come a lil' bit closer...

...if u can
This week-end we did our annual "Summmer Forest Visit" - u know, just to see what's new and what other cuties we can find and tame and bring to you.
As we're in the business of cute spotting, we act as head hunters and always keep an eye on new forest talents.
So while the others were livin' large, making a BBQ and enjoying themselves, we started But it's not like we're complaining or anything - in fact, it's really fun.
First, we met the guys at the Forest Council. They have a big pile of folders with BURP wannabes - our job is to look through them and find the best candidates. Only this time...there were none to fit the BURP profile.
So we headed back home - you can imagine our disappointment. But just as we started the car, something moved thru the bushes and caught our eye. A bit of orange...wait, there's a furry tail...OMG, this might be what we were loking for! We stopped and followed the orange things.
"Hey, stop! Stop!", we cried - but they continued to run. Only at one point, they stopped. "R u talking 2 us?", one of them asked.
Well, yes, we sure were! These 2 were the cutest things ever!
Love Fox (left) and Sunny (right) were exactly the new BURP kiddiez we wanted. So we instantly adopted them, as their stories are truly impressive.
The Love Fox had a habit of falling in love approximately 5 times/year - and Sunny was her confidant. But one day, as they were resting on a lawn, they were both love struck. LF saw a beautiful sunflower, while Sunny went straight for the sun. And as they heard love goes through the stomach, they both jumped at their object of affection and...ate it!
How can we NOT appreciate these two sensitive souls? :)
BROOCHES - price 25 RON/each