Wednesday, May 21, 2008

shiny happy...

These days I was thinking..and because it comes as a rarity, it's really welcome when it happens :))
Do you know what the best thing in this "business" is? Yep, it's creating stuff. But that won't do. The greatest thing of it all is when you see people that like the things you make...people that wear them, that smile, laugh, have fun when hearing the BURP stories and people that simply push you forward.
Well, last Friday I met some wonderful kidz from the Faculty of Architecture in Bucharest. Above you can see Ioana (left) and her friend presenting the latest collection of BURP earrings. And we just wanna thank them. We might not say this too often, but we loooooooove all our BURPing friends :)
Oh, and yeah, that's a (semi)naked guy up there on the don't think dirty, that's just the way these kids study :P
And we thought featuring naked guys in here wouldn't hurt our blog stats either :)


Daiane said...

Hehe, nice post! I miss you girls. Anyway, at least I have some burp kiddiez here with me to remind me all the time how to be happy. Kisses!

BURP said...

hey there! we miss u 2, but good thing with these blogs--we can see what u're up to anyhow :)
we have a feeling we'll be seeing each other pretty soon, come June. A new edition of My Grandma's Backyard is in order, dontcha think? :)

maimutica cu cercei said...

=))))penal tipul din spate