Wednesday, April 2, 2008


...all day long
Wide Eyes, Marylin and Freckles are really really cute. They love to play with their dolls and with the other BURP kiddies, but they hate boys.
In fact, they hate them so much, they get a nasty rash on their hands and feet each time they see one of them. But everything's in their heads, obviously.
And one day, Bravy decided to prove that. So he dressed up as a rabbit to fool them and infiltrate in ther play group.
Of course, the girls thought he was one of the long-eared specimens and accepted him. They played and they played - and everything seemed to be just fine. Until Bravy took off his rabbit hoodie...and started laughing at them.
The girls fainted at this sight - they just couldn't believe they'd been fooled!
But now they've recovered and it seems they like boys. A lot. Bravy even payed them a visit while they were in hospital...and they jumped on him!!!
Talk about a change of attitude...