Tuesday, March 25, 2008

and all the BURP kiddiez...

...jump for joy!
While at the March fair at Sala Dalles, a nice girl called Alecs came to us, saying she wanted to write an article about BURP in Student MAX, a magazine for students - and other people that don't want to grow up :)
Well, it seems the magazine appeared, but we really couldn't get hold of it :(
Until today, when Andreea from Biba Bijoux sent us this pic - now, all the BURP kiddiez are really really happy - and they think they're stars :)
Especially Vicious Girl and the Flying Africans.
Pfffuah! I haven't seen any other critture as self-centered as they are...
P.S.: and if we forgot to mention, a big thank you to Alecs and Andreea! :)
P.S.2: click to read, if you're interested.


Anonymous said...

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Irys said...

Am citit si eu articolul in Student Max:) Foarte tare, tineti-o tot asa :)
Nu mai puneti niste curele pe blog? Eventual pe movo-roz daca mai sunt?

BURP said...

10x :)
punem niste curele cat de curand...la asta lucram acum :)