Wednesday, April 2, 2008

no need for skool... be cool
Once upon a time, there was a Biker Giraffe. But he wasn't born that way. No, no...
As a teenager, he was pretty bulky - and had a big belly, too. So his brothers and sisters told him to leave the herd. Moreover, his spots were blue - there was no way he could fit in!
Therefore, he left on unknown roads and tried to find his place in the world.
One day, he met an old biker on a highway - his hair in the wind, hands on the horns, looking rugged and cool. The Giraffe wanted to be exactly like that, so he bought himself a pair of big sunglasses. But he still needed sumthin': "a leather costume", he thought.
Still, there was something missing.
Oh, yeah. A Harley. The day he bought his own, he felt like a king - and didn't need to be recognized as a giraffe anymore.


EclecticFactor said...

great stuff! v-am trecut in blogroll-ul nostru, hope it's okay:)

BURP said...

si noi pe voi :)