Friday, October 5, 2007


Our friend NOPER is uber-cute, but I'm afraid we don't always meet his expectations :( Like in this case, when he tagged us and we were so busy this week that we had no time to oblige...But today is the day, I can feel it :)

So, here's the BURP answer.

To say the truth, I have no f****** idea about ideas. I've like...never had one before :) Nico told me to keep my mouth shut, but you see, it's too much to bear, so I'm gonna spill it all out now!

The truth is that here, at BURP, the little kiddies own us. They keep our brains locked in colorful jars and eat them piece by piece, like jelly. We are not the masters of our own actions and thoughts, just slaves to an army of fluffies. I suppose Long Dog is the emperor in the chaotic land of Nevergrowup, because he's the only one with access to perfumed cigarretes and milky soap. Together with his wife, Boobish, he runs everything in this kingdom of kids.

As his slaves, Nico and I have to be prepared for the idea shot we get each day. It sometimes comes in the form of an injection or in the form of a glass of sumthin'. But it always comes. And when it does, we flip out and start dancing around the place, or screaming, or jumping up and down, or over-stuffing ourselves with cakes. And then, it's time to put all that energy to work and start making BURPmarks, brooches, wallets and everything else. Of course, we don't get anything out of this, all the money go to the royal pet family. But we're happy to be rewarded a bowl of rice at the end of the day.
So there you go, now the secret's out. Now we're tagging anyone who has a dark secret, too.