Tuesday, September 25, 2007

"I want one of these!!!!"...

...cried Scotty
Scotty the Fish is a pure metrosexual. He loves the attention he gets from the girls, because he's so cute and always well-mannered! But don't be fooled by his retro attitude, he's really THAT kind of a dude! First thing in the morning - going to the Underwater Mall, for a bit of strolling around, maybe getting a manucure, a haircut and, of course, lots of shopping! Thing is, he has no money of his own, so he needs to borrow from his lady friends. And he has to have more than three bags per season -what do you think - that he can wear THE SAME bag everyday? Shame, shame on you!
P.S.: Here you can see Scotty parading the latest fin fashion - inspired by British prints! Oh, isn't he a charmer? :)