Friday, October 5, 2007

if it's October 5th...'s HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Ancutz!

We love our friend Ancutz a lot, and she's a very very very very nice girl. We wouldn't normally say that, but now she's in Vienna and we expect some goodies when she's back, so...we behave :)

Yup, that's us, BURP kids. We get presents on our friend's birthday. But enough with that. You know, when we celebrate Ancutz, we know autumn is really in town. Her birthday coincides with this beautiful season that we really appreciate - especially when it's not rainy!!!!

And to give you just a hint of how beautiful autumn can really be, we took a walk in the woods and came up with these Double Mush earrings. Hope you enjoy.
P.S.: Ancutz, if you want them, you've got them! ;)