Tuesday, July 10, 2007

there's nothing questionable...

...about fame

Oh yeah, we're famous once again :) This time on chestionabil.ro (see the post here), a very nice blog created by some very nice people.
We're happy they like us and we like them back :)
Thanks, guys.


Iulian said...

yeah, gratuitous mutual sympathy for the public eye, but we know so well about the "Clown Mouse As Bribe" affaire which took place some time ago, enough details for the CanCan greedy journalists ;))

asia :D

bulina said...

oh, no! our secret is out!!!! now how can we pretend to have a clean image in the hearts and minds of our shoppers?

Iulian said...

hey, that's bloody simple, you just have to say "no" ad nauseam in front of every accusation till everyone get bored :) or, to improve the credibility, you have to hold a huge NO-shaped furry wombat in your hands in a warm hug, how could you be more obvious than that? ;))