Friday, July 13, 2007


...for a day at the beach

African Blonde, Nosy L and Too Hearty Tortoise met this morning for a quick discussion about their holiday. It's been decided they're going to go to the beach - and take Nico with them, as a sign of respect. They know (and everybody knows :)) the beach is THE place for Nico - to lounge for awhile, sipping from a delicious cool drink and maybe playing a bit of WoW on a laptop.

But shhhhhhh...she need not know about'a a SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!!!

African Blonde is a very pretty European girl who spent a few months in Africa and fell in love with everything there. This African passion of here is now reflected, of course, in her hair and nose ring.

Nosy L is a very friendly and talkative elephant. But he always seems to catch a cold - and he's always got a running nose, be it winter or summer. If the snot doesn'y make you sick - he can really be a great pal.

Too Hearty Tortoise loves everybody she meets. When all the love fills up one of her hearts, she uses the spare one for even more hot feelings. We still cannot understand how anyone (even a turqouise) can love just everybody...but there's something to be proud of.

The cool photographs are made by our friend, Marius. ThAnK yOu!