Monday, July 16, 2007

snake stories - volumes I, II and III

Ssssssssssnakey is out on the road again. Leaving Pair-a-Dice after getting into some dirty business, he slowly slides on to the next city. What awaits? Are there any new adventures on the horizon? He feels nervous, just like a snake on a red hot tin roof, looking for brighter things to come.
Is this the next Sin City? Sssssssnakey is finally approaching a town. Everything is so pure - white and creamy - but not for long, he thinks...

Ssssssnakey thought he would start gambling and drinking again, but his crazy days are over. The Big Metal Lady who guards the city questioned him on his arrival and found out his dirty secret. Now Ssssssnakey is enrolled in a sober-up programme and doing just fine. His memories are also repressed and he is becoming a new snake - fresh and pure. Will he make it? Is he going to build a whole new life? Will he meet the snakess of his dreams? All these questions will be answered in a new volume.