Tuesday, July 17, 2007

hungry for something cute?

Then a delicious fruit salad is in order! Today, our chef is giving you the creme-de-la-creme in fruit salad history, a personal BURP recipe. Please follow the instructions to recreate it.

1. Pick the ripest watermelon slice you find in your garden. It should be juicy and tender, yet super-fresh. A bit of ice won't hurt, so dip it in the freezer for a moment or two.

2. Palm trees are the best place for a pear to grow. Sunkissed, but not burnt, the pear you choose must be perfect both in appearance and taste. Wash in cold water and wait for 2 minutes before slicing it.

3. Mix all the fruit in a big bowl of glass, and add a red apple for extra-sweetness. You could pour over a few mint leaves.

4. If you prepare this salad for a special one, you could use some whipped cream. If there's none left in your kitchen, you could go out for a walk - who knows, you might find a big cookie dressed in mousse just hanging on a string. If you do, use it to decorate your salad. There you go! Your delicious vitamin bowl is ready! Enjoy!