Tuesday, July 10, 2007

summer collection

THIS JUST IN! The BURP summer collection (see? it has a fancy title :P) is now in stores. What stores, you ask? For starters, Zebra Society and Hippie Hippie Shake (both in Bucharest).

There you can find Shy Rabbit, Smokey, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly Giraffe, HippoDog, Blondie, Old Skool Rabbit, 4 Feet, Bear Girl, Sailor Bear, Kinky-Pinky, Ninjay Rabbit, Exploded Panda and Curly Snail.
Some are crazy, some are cute, some go with your jeans and some with your tees ( you can always find new places of wearing them, like on a headband, on a bag, on your shoes and so on).
We're really curious to find out your opinion about them.
P.S.: sorry for the quality of the pics, but click to see them bigger - you're worth it :)