Tuesday, July 3, 2007

GG's terrible story! :( 2nd part

Here is GG - looking sad & waiting for positive strokes from his cyber friends.

Hold on, GG! We believe in u! I heard u are not doing very well.

…having problems with a stomach ache?
GG? What have u been eating lately?


bulina said...

Hey, GG! You'd better admit you stole the muffin and ate it all up! How else could you have gotten that swollen belly?
And if you admit, maybe we'll give you something like a Furazolidon, to get you off that toilet seat...ur choice!

dianabobar said...

very funny!:)
he should be purple though!

bulina said...

hmmmm...purple-murple-burple :)
i guess GG's been not only through hell, but also through all the colors in this world. I reckon it's not the first time he's eaten something strange...But the doctors have spoken: it seems GG suffers from a rare condition, which forces him to change the color of his skin according to the food he swallows. He's gotten a recommendation to eat only "neutral foods". Does anybody know what that is? Or where we can find some?