Monday, July 2, 2007

GG's terrible story! :( 1st part

At the beginning was the… muffin!

… and it was a round, tasty, well cooked muffin! Ok, maybe it was a little green, but nobody knew that, at that very moment… when… surprise… it disappeared!!!

Some malevolent people said that the kidnapper was our little guy.

Of course, we don’t believe a word. We know for a fact that GG (Green Guy) is a bohemian artist that never eats! His only needs are spiritual, and there is nothing spiritual in a muffin. Vio knows him very well (from his university years) and reassures us that GG is not capable of something like this.

What do u say? Closely observe the look of the innocent eyes and the anemic body constitution. Come on! Do u really think it was him?


Iulian said...

Of course, not, for christ's sake, GG has a visible parishiltonesque candour on his face, so, definitely not! Everybody knows that is the sly Muffin Man!

bulina said...

ooohhh...parishiltonesque you say? hmmm, i knew it! it's the nose, isn't it? :)

Iulian said...

well, yes, it's the expressive nose and, secondly, the not so hidden dirty tape that smashed the net some time ago, the one with the horizontally challenged GM (Green Matron), just don't ask me for details, oh noes. how will that present look like, hmm...

bulina said...

uh...ummm...that is still questionable :) *how the present will look like, that is*

but you'll know it when you see it :)