Friday, June 29, 2007

to eat or not to eat?

that is the question
Nico has just finished eating and she was kind enough to take some photos of her digestive feast. I totally knew she's all about healthy eating and stuff and she feeds her mind with fish, but hey...piranhas?
Yes, it seems they're actually kinda' friendly (square face). At least that's how they seem when you wanna take a picture of them. This cute one, for example, stood still during the whole photo shooting and still does. Who said they can't be great pets?
If you want to adopt
Lippy (it's a "she"), please call the BURP office and we'll arrange sumthin'.

P.S.: it's a bookmark, in case you were wondering :) - and we're preparing a surprise for all of you, come next week. Until then, more posts - I hope. And a great weekend ahead :D