Tuesday, June 26, 2007

mouse in the house

Hmmmm...I see some cheese over there

OooopS! Where did it go?

Clown Mouse is our favourite! He's got a biiiiig stomach that can only accept being filled up with Swiss Cheese, so he's pretty well fed. But the interesting thing about him is that he lives in an old house, surrounded by 10 cats, so he's got to be careful every step he takes. Only Clown Mouse has found the way to a healthy living: instead of making his house in the lower side of the wall, he made it up (he's always loved skyscrapers). So now he's using a string of pearls to get down, take the food and go up again.
Big grey mouse, lots of grey matter :)


Iulian said...

there's a mouse mouse in the house house running for...presidency! seeing all the DIY hand-candies you created, i'm thinking of making a petition so "burp" could be part of the Etiquette ;)) yeah, burping should be equal to a pirouette...or to the knife placed in the right side of a plate :) i will write about the wonderful yet greedy clown mouse and his colleagues on the blog. cheers!


bulina said...

thanks a lot, iulian!

you made this sunny day even sunnier with your comment :) we're happy you like the stuff we make and well...you made us blush with yer wonder-wonderful words. you're a copywriter, right? :)

kisses from the gang (a.k.a. Clown Mouse, Bea Bee, Collarbone, Long Dog and al)

Iulian said...

yep, i'm copysomethinwritin' around, or at least successfully pretendin' to do that :) in exchange, my cotton dysfunctional kids Estel, Magione and Zelma (hosted by Paria, and now in Dada) want to send their best wishes and the usual xoxo's to the Clown Mouse Posse ;))


bulina said...

dysfunctional, u say? kids? yummy! we love both kids & dysfunctionality here at BURP. in fact, we might be some pretty dysfunctional kids ourselves...but hey! enough 'bout that :P
we'll be hopping in our enchanted chariot and pay the kids a tea visit as soon as we finish our school chores.
but I bet they're gorgeous! :)

Iulian said...

yes, dysfunctional, dysfunctional, but this thingie is really working ;)) the tea visit is recommendable as long as the kiddos can be seen only partially on pariawear.com (girly tees), i mean without their timburtonesque stories which are printed there. allez les enfants! :)