Monday, July 23, 2007

The flying wooly sheep, Ene

Here we caught one of the rarest kind of sheep on its way to the the dream world.
It wasn’t an easy thing to do, cause the wooly sheep is a tricky little bastard. It appears only when u are almost asleep. Imagine how tough it is to take its picture.
But last night, we succeeded. We went to sleep like nothing special had happened but the filming camera was rolling.

The little wooly creature appeared as always pretty late and it complained endlessly. First of all, he was feeling miserable cause the drought ruined the green grass and thereby its own milk production. Second of all it wasn’t comfortable with the idea that an attractive male like it was gifted with an udder… of course the complaining list didn’t end here, but I was so tiered that I felled asleep right away.

Maybe we discuss more about its problems tonight.
Same hour, same place, I’ll be waiting, wooly guy!


Iulian said...

so, hmm, when you need to fall asleep, you just have to count him continuously; during the process, of course, for the sake of possible boredom, he will change the colour of his wool from time to time while chewing on some, hm, skittles. count on him and count him, zzzz.