Thursday, July 19, 2007

who is...

...the fathom at the opera?

It's our little guy, a green-eyed phantom that doesn't have any "Boo!" arsenal in his bag. This is his biggest pain - he cannot scare people, because he is too cute. Even more, his green eyes are so spectacular, that he cannot go invisible, because everybody is captivated by his look.

He's looking for help - anyone who can provide useful info on how to become invisible or scary please drop us a note.

We appreciate your concern.


dianabobar said...

I used to have such a knitted character when I was little, by my grandma! Sweet memories..

bulina said...

yes, it really is a grandma-style doll, only with a twist.

we're bringing back these sweet memories and we think there's nothing better in the world than feeling like a kid, acting like one and, of course, having all the great stuff that comes with it (as in toys, clothes and everything else).

here at BURP, we nevergrowup - therefore, everybody who wants to feel like a kid is welcome :)