Sunday, June 10, 2007

the true story of emoticons


Smiley: "Hey, we're going out! Things are looking up for us! The city's so cool!"

Kissey: "Smooch, I just love the city!"


Smiley: "Hey, the country's great, don't you reckon?"

Kissey: "Smooch, oh yeah! Smooch, I just love it!"

We don't know what you know about emoticons, but here's the real story - for anyone who's in search of the truth. Smiley and Kissey were born in the country - and they'd never seen what a big city looks like. Lights, traffic, shops and malls, clubs and cafes - these had never reached their ears. Even more, they thought sitting all day in the sun and getting fried was all that mattered.

But one day, the BURP team arrived to their village on a casting trip. Looking for pretty locals, we found these two really interesting and offered them some small roles in a superproduction made in Bucharest. Of course they signed up, so we took off to the big city. Once they got here, they never wanted to go back. They had fun all day, but the thing they loved most was talking to friends online. That's how they were spotted and asked to be models for an emoticon project that was going to be super-big. They said "yes" and now they're everywhere, making loads of cash and going back to their favourite thing in the world - getting fried in the sun - only this time it's in Bahamas, with little umbrellas in their drinks and with designer sunglasses on their eyes.

But we're not envious -- we're just sad they left -- but we should have thought of that before making them stars, right?


Anonymous said...

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zenovie said...

sunteti neasemuit de simpatici(e)! voi pune un link cu placere! muahahaha! e unul dintre cele mai proaspat minunate lucruri pe care le-am vazut in ultima vreme! burp.

bulina said...

ms mult de link :)
ne bucuram ca iti plac...burp means "never grow up" :)

dianabobar said...

sweat idea!