Sunday, June 10, 2007

wear your lion...

...on the sleeve

Today, my 3 year old niece went to the Zoo and when she came back, she told me about all the animals she saw there. You know, monkeys, giraffes, elephants and all the rest. (I also found out that the ticket for the Zoo costs as much as a medium quality ice-cream and double as a cheap ice cream - that's one serving AND from the supermarket, mind you)

"Well, but about the lion?", I asked. "He wouldn't talk to me", the answer came back. "He was sleeping all the time."

OK, I don't know what's up in the big felines' world, but I'm surely tired of all these sleeping beauties. Take the Lioness on my T-shirt above, for example. She's so comfortable, she won't even roar. Well then, if all the lions are becomin house pets these days, I say the least we could do is wear them with pride!