Friday, June 15, 2007

take a sneak peak...

...into my shoe collection :)
Last week I went out to buy some shoes and I was totally bored with the offers in shops. Really now, I'm sick of all the sneakers that look the same. And I just don't get it how people like to be seen wearing the same stuff as others.
It's not like it's mandatory to be unique or to have crazy clothes and accessories, but...u're creative! Go do something fun with your wardrobe, would you?
Oh, and btw...lately I've been so sweeped away by my ideas of altering almost everything I buy, that I don't think I'm wearing anything without changing it at least a bit.
Above: the easiest way to attract all eyes on the street is to put some coloured buttons on your sneakers. Easy and cool.
P.S.: yeah, no big brands required. We're not really asking you to make a bonfire of brands, but there's good stuff out there that's also cheap and very no-name :)


choco said...

i want to see u wearing that :))

bulina said...

but, choco, I AM wearing these :)

iulia said...

let's be honest. who would like to wear these. and i don't want to talk about throwing money on this kind of shoes. or time doing it. i agree, we can change our clothes and be unique(because i do that with every object that i buy) but i think that when we talk about shoes we can't play! proof it!!!:)

bulina said...

@ iulia: well, i dunno about you, but I think that generally WE SHOULD PLAY with fashion (no matter it's shoes or blouses or accessories or whatever). I'm honest when I say I really wear these :) and I got a few compliments on their look, too. although, of course, there are some who just don't get it or don't dig it...but that's OK.
and about being unique...I didn't want them to be unique, I just wanted them to look cute :)