Sunday, June 17, 2007

latest BURP addi(c)tion

Being Bea bee is not easy. This 1 year old critture has been through so many adventures, she cannot even remember them all. Everything started somewhere in an apartment in Bucharest. I saw her and took her with me from the suburbia to the center of the city. We lived in a nice house near a big park, so in the morning she always woke up at 6 o'clock and took off to her favourite trees, where she sucked all the syrup and created yummy honey for breakfast. But one day she left at dusk and only came back late in the night - no need to say how worried everybody was. So I took her and put her on my bag. But she felt constrained and had no freedom at all. She was sad and although we all tried to cheer her up, it was impossible. Bea needed to leave. And one day, she did.

But she never forgot us. In her world tour, Bea always sends us postcards with a few rhymes, just to say she's OKAY. Now she's somewhere around London and later in the week she'll visit Paris (shes always had something special for Parisian famous perfume houses...). If you happen to see her around, say "Hi!" from us, too. But don't try to catch Bea - it's not safe (we forgot to say she's used to participate in Needle Boxing championships...look at her face, it's self-explanatory :P).