Friday, May 25, 2007

i like to move it, move it...

Today we're giving you a pretty sad story. It's the legend of the Blue-Hearted Bookworm Bear.
This is a pretty nerdy bookmark, but a very cute one, nevertheless. The truth is he's got a few fixed ideas:
1. He can't go out without his multi-coloured scarf, be it winter or summer - he thinks it's good luck;
2. He has to read at least 1 book/day or 7/week;
3. He refuses to wear his blue heart anywhere else except on the right side.
He never went out of the house (except to go to the library), but once his friends took him out to dance. He loved it so much that he danced, he danced and he danced all night...but he didn't notice his left foot started to erode. Everybody told him to stop, but he was almost as in a trance. He just couldn't stop! In the morning, he found himself lonely in the club - and he fell down. His foot was broken. From that moment on, he started wearing a wooden foot and never danced in public again. But at night, when he goes home, in the privacy of his reading room...