Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A modern play (tragedy)

Lavender eater inside… beware!!!!


The FABULOS story of LAVENDER EATER starts in a gloomy afternoon when our little guy was extremely bored. Not knowing what to do he started asking himself philosophical questions about the lavender’s role in this universe. Of course, the questions bored him even worse and he fell asleep.

Then, he dreamed the most uncommon dream: it seemed like our guy gave up all his favorite little vices (computer games and porno movies) and became a yogi (that's cool-speak for "yoga practitioner").

He woke up with a bitter taste in his mouth. This dream scared the s##t out of him, ‘cos in Freudian interpretation it meant that his END was near.

Creepy! he sad with a weak, delicate voice.

He cried a little at the thought of his own death and then he decided he needed some fun.