Friday, May 25, 2007

still waters run deep

Buttoned Whale is very happy today! She finally entered the national team for synchronized swimming. She's always loved sports and she was born in the water - so that's where she feels best. She started water basketball when she was 5, but after 7 years of intense practice, she finally confronted her parents and told them she wanted to do ballet instead.
"Oh!", Big Momma Whale cried, and she fainted, creating the biggest waves ever in the ocean (the surfers were really thankful, I tell you that). Big Poppa Whale was the quiet type, so he didn't say a word, but he turned his back and went in the deep ocean to think.
So Buttoned Whale was left alone in the middle of the Pacific, thinking they'd never approve of ballet. But the next morning, her parents brought her a bright new shiny member card for the Whale Ballet Company, smiling and telling her that if that's what she wants to do, they agree and support her.
So today, being a famous water dancer and making it to the national team is a great thing! Her family is going to be soooo proud. Let's hear it for Buttoned Whale!