Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the stuff these days.

Yeah, you could say socializing was all we did these last few days, by looking at the pics. But truth be told, we also worked a-lot (but we don't like showing off, so we don't take pictures of the hard working part :P)

So here's today all wrapped up in some pretty photos: we took care of the "big" stuff in the morning, so we could spend the night @ ADfel, where we met our friends...

...and also bumped into the green people from Recolamp.

Ancutz & Kitten forgot about being grown-ups and toyed around, painting recycled light bulbs.

"So, does orange get along with pink?"

With lollipops used as energy boosters, all the kids on the terrace tried their hands at painting...

...and showed off their work to the public :)

Here's the Kitten...kitten :) and the BURP Gut Bear. Don't ask :)

And here's Ioana posing as a cook - she made all those muffins and pastry products and sold them with a charitable purpose in mind.

We also threw in some kiddiez to be sold in there. Who knows, little things can make a difference, right?

So, what's your story?