Saturday, August 29, 2009


The place was green & nice - and bikes were sprinkled here & there, ready to be bought or tested.

It was like a picnic day in the forest...and actually we also had some "wild" visitors :)

This little fluffy tail came really close at one point, when some girl threw out peanuts. He just grabbed them and went on his way :) No "thank you", no nothing. Well, that's a city squirrel, less manners than you'd expect :P

After the wildlife adventure, we decided it was time to strut the BURP kiddiez.
But hey, we are really not that tech-savvy - and it showed!! So a friendly guy came over and offered his help, which we gladly accepted. And it was a wise thing to do, as the stander came up in no-time. Thanks again! :)

Everything ready - so we took out the belts (which were so many, we had no idea :))).

And we guess these little sociable kiddiez are pretty lovable :)

We also brought some tees in...or "out", to be more exact :)

But the nicest thing is that we found a lot of friends in there...

...and they know how to make funny faces :)

...and make fun of...errr, statues :)

...and make funny faces AGAIN :)

We like it when everybody's happy :)

So basically, all we did was talk, drink, eat ice-cream and talk some more.
It felt more like a get-together with friends. And some other people, too :)

We also took the time to do the "happy feet" pic :)

And that's a wrap :)


Andreea Vaduva said...

You look great guys, it seems like you had lots of fun.

PS: now I've noticed something: I think I'm using 'great' in every single comment I make on your blog. Is it because I know only a few words in English or because everything you do is great? :D Well, both of them :))

theSkinnybunny and vintage show said...

modelul ala de stander e chiar greu de montat!!always nice to see you girls:)see you at the next event!

BURP said...

@Andreea: HAHAHAHA :))))) and so on :P

BURP said...

@Skinnybunny: yeah, right :)) e greu pentru noi, that's true :P

nice 2 see u 2